Capitol Consulting, LLC services encompass multiple activities. Our work includes: political strategy, process management, advocacy, grassroots, research, lobbying, association and event management. We are unique because our services are tailored to each individual clients' need.

Capitol Consulting, LLC principals believe that each client needs to know specifically how we can help address their problem or opportunity. We will outline the steps to be taken, establish timelines, provide a cost-benefit analysis and discuss the probability of success.

Political Strategy

  • Develop strategies for securing goals.
  • Anticipate responses and opportunities for proposals.
  • Create multiple approaches for success.
  • Position client for public relations, sponsorships and political opportunities.
  • Consult and counsel about campaign contributions and candidate support.


  • Analyze legislative and regulatory issues.
  • Review historical data and statutes.
  • Identify experts to be available for testimony.
  • Monitor government, legislative and political activity.


  • Provide relevant, credible information to key elected officials and government staff to obtain support for client issues.
  • Gauge effective timing and access to decision makers.
  • Obtain critical support from elected officials.
  • Persuade borderline parties.
  • Responsive interaction with follow through.
  • Generate awareness of important factual data.
  • Pro-active tactics to enhance proposal passage or defeat.
  • Mitigation of controversy or opposition.
  • Implement grassroots.


  • Shape client message to achieve specific objectives.
  • Frame complicated issues into understandable messages.
  • Garner support from additional groups and organizations
  • Champion the defeat or passage of a measure.

Process Management

  • Prepare clients for participation in the process.
  • Coordinate individual and group presentations.
  • Organize coalitions of multiple companies or organizations sharing common goals.
  • Mobilize grassroots efforts.
  • Facilitate meetings, lobbying and fundraising efforts.

Association and Event Management

  • Management, organization and strategic planning
  • Financial management including budgeting, accounts receivable and payable and custom monthly reports
  • Board and committee management including minutes, agenda and records archiving
  • Membership recruitment, retention and database management
  • Meeting, convention, tradeshow, special event planning and promotion
  • Communication services
  • Fundraising and sponsorship coordination
  • Contract negotiation